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How to Place an Order from Xooma Worldwide.

I hope you have found the information provided at my site helpful and informative.

Xooma products can only be ordered online using  a secure order process with a debit or credit card. You enter your card number once, and it will be saved securely for future orders.

If you decide that X2O or any of the Xooma product range would be of benefit to you for your overall health, or your family’s health, please  GET STARTED AS A MEMBER.

All orders made from this website will allow all Xooma products to be purchased at wholesale members prices.

This is around 40% discount for you.  Xooma has products for purchase starting as low as US $9.99.

X2O for members is US $25 for 30 sachets (one sachet per day for a month). It is recommended to start with at least  two sachets per day. (US $50 per month as member price.)

Please make sure the order page shows my name, Wendy Boon at the top of the page, as your sponsor/referrer.

(Please be mindful that if you order from another Google page or any other site I will not be assigned as your referrer and you may not get the discount.)


Order Your Products Here


  1. Select the country you live in, when you click  
  2. Choose the package/ products you would like to order, at members wholesale prices.
  3. Click   
  4. Enter your name and other details.
  5. Select your username.  A username is used for your own personal website address for Xooma Worldwide.
  6. Choose your password. Make a note of both your username and password. At the end of the order process, you will be sent by email your Xooma ID number. Keep this ID number with your password for login purposes to the members area where you can administer future monthly or intermittent orders.
  7. Untick the square if you do NOT want to order a unique Xooma bottle at special price for first order.
  8. Tick that you have read Terms and Conditions.
  9. Enter credit or debit card details for secure site for ordering. Full card details will not be displayed again, only last four numerals of credit/ debit card will ever be shown in the back office.
  10. Click – “Click here for final review before ordering”


After order process is complete, you can login at –


Please read –

After your initial order, you will be automatically placed on a monthly ordering system, “Autoship”, which will be the same order price as your initial order. If you do not wish to receive this same order again, or you would like to change the order, I suggest that you login to your Xooma members area to review the next order, so you can change it if you so wish. The next order will be automatically shipped on the same day of the next month as the initial order was. This can be held back for up to 60 days or cancelled at any time by email to the company


You can change that order by logging into the Xooma members area anytime using your new Xooma ID number and password, (emailed to you after your first order) to administer your product order monthly, change the order, change the shipping date or have it sent where ever you wish world wide, and more.

You may like to try one or two other wonderful Xooma health products.  Check them out under the “Products” tab, in the Xooma members area. They can be added to your autoship order or ordered at any time.

You can check your monthly order under the heading of “Autoship”

There is no contract with Xooma, your monthly order can be cancelled at anytime by emailing the company.

Now back to the username, why do you need a username? The username that you have nominated becomes part of your own personal web address for Xooma Worldwide. This is the website address to give other people who you may want to share Xooma’s amazing product range with, once you have tried them for yourself. If those people order from your website, they will be linked to you when they order and so on, therefore creating a business for all, if you / they so wish. Your link to give people for ordering product for themselves will look like this link –   

To make the web address your own, replace this word in the link –  yourusername with your own username that you have just created during the order process.  It is entirely optional for you whether you would like to share the products or just be a member product user.

Still not sure what to do? Please contact me below. I will assist you.

Thank you for ordering X2O and checking out my blog.

If you would like to know how to make some extra income to pay for your own order, please see –

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Wendy Boon


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