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An amazing true story….

Xooma’s President & CEO, Ron Howell, just called us at the Xooma Home Office. The excited tone in his voice was unlike anything we’ve heard before.

Imagine how you’d sound over the phone if you just won the lottery. That’s pretty much how Ron sounded when he called us.

He was explaining to us that he had just walked out the door of his doctor’s office and had received his most recent blood test results. The reason he was so excited is because his blood test revealed concrete proof of the results he personally gained by using Xooma’s brand new product – KardiaXyme (KX).Myspace Layouts

After just 30 days of using “KX” at the recommended dosage level (4 ounces per day), here are Ron’s personal blood test results:

* His bad cholesterol (LDL) level went DOWN a total of 16.5% (19 points).

* His good cholesterol (HDL) went UP 3.6% (2 points).

* His blood pressure was completely normal without taking any medication.

What makes this even more exciting is the fact that Ron is a very healthy guy to start with. His blood tests before taking KX revealed that his cholesterol levels were substantially better than most men his age. (He didn’t have what doctors call a “high cholesterol” problem)

The only medication Ron was taking before KX was a low dose prescription for high blood pressure. However, after using KX for 30 days, his blood pressure is completely normal with no medication and his cholesterol levels are the best he’s ever seen in any of his blood tests.

Here’s the most amazing part…

Ron’s doctor was so amazed at his results – especially considering how healthy Ron is, he insisted that Ron let him purchase the KX product so that he could try it personally and see what it would do for him.

The story continues…

During the phone call Ron made to us, his excitement must have overpowered the logical side of his brain. He started giving us specific instructions of what he wanted us to do with KX for Xooma Members “immediately.”

We quickly reminded him that the support information, website, and brochure for KardiaXyme (KX) were still in development and nowhere near ready for official release yet. But the way he responded was like he never heard a word we said.

He said, “I want to give as many Xooma Members as possible the opportunity to try this product like I did. This is too good to wait! People need this product and the results it can provide!”

We agreed that he was right. This new product really is amazing and some people may not want to wait until all the support materials are done before they are able to order it. So, here what he told us…

Ron said, “I want to give people who are willing to be “early adopters” a special offer. If they are willing to try the product now, even before all the support materials and information is ready to go, we’re going to reward them with some FREE bottles of KX.”


Try KardiaXyme and see the benefits for yourself.

KardiaXyme contains the key ingredient of ProAlgaZyme, which is owned exclusively by Xooma World Wide, therefore it is ONLY available from this company.

Get KardiaXyme to improve your health.

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  1. Thanks it’s a great insight and thoughts. But do you have any more proof of study?
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  2. Thank you for sharing your insights on this subject, What wonderful ideas!! Thanks for the great round-up and linking up.

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