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Welcome to Xooma Worldwide with Wendy.

My name is Wendy Boon, from Sydney Australia. I am a practicing Registered Nurse with years of experience in many areas of health including surgical, aged care and sleep conditions. I also have a great interest in our emotional health and how emotions play a big part in our overall well being, and how we can free ourselves to heal in many ways. Natural health and personal development using a positive mind, can free us up to enjoy life to the fullest.

I have been using many types of natural health supplements for many years, as I believe that they are a great adjunct for every day health.

I believe that it is far better to take an all natural product than a pharmaceutical medication with their many side effects, especially in the long term use. Many times the natural product will do a far better job at helping to treat the cause rather than just the symptom. Unfortunately the way the medicos are trained today relying almost totally on treatments using “Big Pharma” medications, when a natural product could be a very good alternative to be considered to help treat the cause.

With Xooma Worldwide products, we have a fantastic range of products to help you with “prevention” of disease before it strikes. Many people who already have an ailment are seeing great improvements with their condition and overall health. See the Testimonial page where you will also see how Xooma X2O has helped me with a condition resulting from inflammation.

X2O is the product I recommend for people to start with in improving their overall health.

If you would like to know of a way to obtain your products for free, just by sharing them with four other people, see my Xooma Wealth page and go here to view an explanation.

If you would like to contact me with any questions, please go to Contact page to call or email me.

Wishing you the very best of health,


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