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Wendy’s Testimonial

In January 2001, I was diagnosed with a genetic eye problem. The condition affected my corneas in both eyes. I suffered badly from glare and I would get blisters on the corneas, which created much discomfort especially in the mornings, due to a build up of fluid overnight. This also meant that my vision was inhibited, until the fluid dispersed. I could not read the paper or read the computer screen well and my vision would change continually until the fluid dispersed later in the day, but the blisters were always there. Then it would happen again the next day and I would go through the whole process again.

This was very frustrating, especially as I am very active with family requiring my attention. It also inhibited my ability to work.

My case was very rare as most people who get this disease are in their 60’s or 70’s, and I was in my 40’s. For extreme cases like mine, the only treatment is Corneal Transplant. I was told that I would need this operation sometime in the future. Meanwhile, I had to cope with very strong salt water drops each day to try to keep the blisters at bay.

In January 2005, my condition worsened, as I had developed an ulcer on the cornea in my left eye. I was immediately put on the Priority Transplant list. I was very nervous about having this done, as the recovery is long and difficult. I was told that I would not be able to have a new lens for my glasses for three months afterwards. I would not be able to drive for three months, bend over or carry any weight after the operation. This was quite daunting for a Mother of a household.

I was called without notice, to have the operation on my left eye in June 2005. I had to go in the next day. I was very anxious and nervous. My vision was very poor for the next six months. I could not see anything clearly – everything was difficult. My surgeon was very pleased with his handiwork, but I found the whole process long and frustrating. I was immediately put on the Transplant list again to have the right eye done as soon as possible, because it had deteriorated so much, even though the doctors like to give a twelve month interval between operations, for maximum results. My surgeon told me that the right cornea was in a very bad condition, and he did not think I would last the twelve months. I was dreading the thought of going through it all again, as the recovery is three years per eye until the cornea is stable.

Every Body Needs X2O

In December 2005, I saw my surgeon, and he was very worried about the state of the right eye. It was at this time that I was introduced to Xooma’s X2O. I began drinking it, never thinking that it might help my eyes. After a few months, I noticed that my vision was much better in the mornings and I was not getting the fluid build up. I could read and see the computer screen much better and I felt more normal again. It felt like I did not have the blisters in the right eye, as the eye drops did not sting like they used to.

In April 2006 my surgeon was surprised to see that I had no blisters on the right eye, for the first time in seven years and I was amazed as well. Still no blisters have appeared since then. I told him that the only thing I had done differently was to drink Xtreme X2O, two to three 750 ml bottles per day, one sachet per bottle.

In October 2006, I was informed that a date had been set for my next operation in May 2007. I saw my surgeon again in November 2006 and again no blisters. During this visit, he decided that he could not justify doing the operation, as my cornea in the right eye had improved and had actually got much better. He took me off the transplant waiting list!

As there is no cure for my problem except the operation, I find it quite incredible that my eye improved. My previously water saturated cornea had become thinner and I stopped getting the buildup of fluid that has been inhibiting my vision previously and causing the blisters / ulcers.

I never dreamt that this product, Xtreme X2O would help my eye problem and take away the discomfort and erratic vision that I have endured for many years. It saved me from a second operation that is certainly not pleasant, and helped me to get back to a normal life with good vision.

To me this is a miracle !!!

Thank you to Xooma for giving us Xtreme X2O.


I am a senior and although I’m pretty healthy I have my challenges just because of aging and all the toxins I have ingested.  I have had an acid reflux problem for about a year and was on a strong Rx medicine, which I had to take every night.  Only a few days after starting to drink X2O water I was able to stop the medication and have had no symptoms since.

The other amazing benefit from drinking X2O is my hypertension problem.  High blood pressure runs in my family, and for the past 7 years I have been on blood pressure medication.  About a month after starting to drink X2O I noticed my blood pressure was getting lower and lower.  So I cut the meds in half, and it’s staying down, I may be able to stop the meds entirely!  I am absolutely thrilled with these results, but I have also experienced increased energy and clarity in thinking.  I know my blood is cleaner because of the X2O water and is flowing freely through my body.

Thank God for Xooma!

Myra B.
Clarklake, MI USA


I have had severe high blood pressure for years. Taking medication I was able to get it down to 150/100. I started taking X2O about 3 months ago. After about 1 month I had my wife check my blood pressure, it was 117/65. After 2 months I have totally quit all meds for 1 month and my blood pressure is still around 124/69.

My wife was so impressed that she wanted to try it. She has type2 diabetes and they put her on blood pressure meds a few months ago. In about 3 weeks she has dropped her readings by about 15 numbers and she has cut her meds in half. Now we are working on the diabetes. We are happy campers.

Jimmy S.
Midland, TX USA


I have been on the product for 3 weeks and I feel wonderful. I have had stiffness in the finger joints for about 6 months. Now after 3 weeks of taking X2O my knuckles are feeling 100 percent better. I also have dropped 10 pounds off my weight.

Leslie S.
Vandalia, MO USA


I was very excited to try the X2O. I had been battling with cancer for the past 3 years. I felt great some days, and others I had no energy. When I received the X20 I instantly started craving more water. I had a short time of detoxing, but now I have lots of energy. My counts are the best they have been in 3 years. I know when I run now, I do not have chronic pain as I had in the past. I will be drinking X20 when I’m 100!


I was told X2O would give me lots of energy. But what got my attention is when I was told that the little tea bag that we put in water not only had 70+ minerals in it, but can raise your pH. When I received the X20, I placed one in my water bottle, and 15 minutes later I was feeling the energy I had when I was about 3 years old.

My wife Jean and I play racquetball 2 to 3 times per week. We play 3 games as hard as we can go, and we’re not even tired thanks to X2O.

Louie M.
Tacoma, WA USA


I have been taking X2O now for about 6 days and I feel great.  After taking it the first day within half an hour I felt the difference.  The only way I can describe it is I felt very “refreshed.” I have definitely noticed a boost in my energy levels, and a general feeling of well-being.

I am only drinking one bottle of X2O a day but will increase to two or more now that I have increased my shipment.

Xooma and X2O certainly gets my seal of approval.

Nick K.S.


I am so thrilled to send you my testimonial from taking X2O.  I started my program just a couple of short weeks ago.  I had torn the ligaments in my right knee and had had swelling in that knee for about 3 years. After only 5 days of taking the X2O product, the swelling in my knee has gone completely down. What a phenomenal thing!  My energy is astounding and I am so excited about my future with Xooma.



I have been an athlete all my life, playing most every sport known to man. I love to run and lift weights. I have lifted weights since I was ten years old and I still run and lift weights now at age 63.

I continued to play sports after high school and while in the Army and city league sports. In my early 30’s, I started competing in Power lifting and in my 40’s went on to become a World Masters Power lifting Champion in the 242lb. body weight class. In the masters division, I set State, National and World Records, with lifts of over 750 lbs in the dead lift and squat. Hydration and electrolytes are very important when it comes to lifting heavy weights. I would have loved to have X2O back in those glory days.

I stopped competing in Power lifting on that level after age 48. I then continued to run and lift weights but not nearly as heavy as when I was competing at the international level.

The next 10 years of working out was getting harder and harder for me to keep up. I started slowing down and didn’t really look forward to my workouts like I had in the past. And the aches and pains were getting worse.

I was having pain in my shoulders and ankles due to arthritis and my lungs would not give me the oxygen I needed to run like I wanted to.

When I discovered this product, I noticed right away that I had a huge increase in my lung capacity and the pain in my shoulders and ankles were starting to go away.

I started getting faster and stronger again. I wasn’t really sure what was going on until I stopped taking the product for a while. As soon as I stopped taking it, I would be gasping for air and I would be sore from lifting. I now go to the gym and run my 200-meter sprints and work out with 300 lb. weights like I was 20 years old again. Before I was tired, sore and would be breathing very hard. Now, I breeze through my workouts and look forward to the next one with no aches or pains.  I just consider it my secret weapon against old age.

I love competition, so my wife and I joined a runners club and started training for our 1st 5-K road race. We started running at least one 5-K race every month. We then went on to run in the world-renowned 10 mile Crim Race in Flint, Mi. and now we run in that race every year. We ran our 1st half Marathon [13.1 miles] in Detroit last October. We could have never done any of this without the help of the X2O.

We are now taking 3 times the amount we were taking before. So, now we have even more energy because we now use X2O in all the water that we drink all day long.

Mitch M.
Midland, MI USA


When I was about 14 years old I started getting warts on my right hand. At first there was only one and in the next few months I had over ten warts on both hands – 17 in all.

I had all 17 warts frozen with nitrous oxide four times over a two-month span and no results.  I then went back to the same doctor and asked him if there were any other option that I could try and he told me that he could cut them off.  The very next week they had all grown back and I had three more.

I had to quit the wrestling team because the coaches thought that the warts might be contagious.  By the time I was 15 years old I had seen three different doctors, had all of my warts frozen, burnt, and cut off at least four times and they were still on my hand and getting bigger.  I finally decided to give up on removal and learned to live with them.

I am 21 years old now and I have been on the X2O for a little over a month and my warts are all but gone. I have watched the warts literally fall off on their own and the only thing I have done different is use four X2O sachets per day. This product has changed my life in many different aspects, not only with my warts but also with my financial situation.

Thank you very much. God bless
Douglas S.
Grove, OK USA


I was in excruciating pain couldn’t stand up straight, I called the doctor they told me I had Kidney Stones. So I began research regarding natural remedies for this ailment.

I simply read the contents of such remedies, and the overall result was to increase your mineral intake with mostly calcium, magnesium, and potassium and to raise your pH level along with 2 liters of water.  It made me think I already have this remedy in X2O.

I used X2O in a liter bottle. I drank two bottles with X2O and it immediately eased my pain. I woke up this morning feeling back to normal again.

I am amazed at this product and its abilities to help with my particular health issue. It’s sure better than a day or two in the hospital.

Marilyn W.
Muskogee, OK USA


“I have been drinking X2O for a little over 2 weeks, 2 times per day. I have to admit the first day I started I was a little disappointed. I guess I was expecting something magical to happen. I thought, “this can’t possibly be doing anything, I don’t feel a thing.” However, I believed in the product and the company and kept drinking. By the 3rd or 4th day, my energy level was through the roof! I actually spent 12 hours, with only a 30 minute break, painting my kitchen. I didn’t want to stop until it was finished. My husband thought I was crazy.

I wake up every morning feeling refreshed, energized and ready to go. Not only that, but I have lost almost 6 lbs. because of all this energy. I can’t sit still. It’s such a natural feeling that I am having a hard time finding words to describe it. I don’t feel high, buzzed, shaky or nervous. I actually don’t “feel” anything other than energy and happiness. It’s simply an amazing product that I want to tell the world about! EVERYONE should be drinking this!
Xoomin’ to Success,”



“I am very excited about the results I have experienced since I began with Xooma. Here is my story to date.

I decided to start by using two sachets per day. After all, this was an experiment that I was performing on myself in order to evaluate the product and decide whether or not to further peruse this venture. There is *no* way that I will push a product on my family and friends unless I totally believe in it.

After the 3rd day of two-a-day X20 drinks, I noticed that good things were happening to me. I’m not going to mention what these changes were, because one change was almost miraculous, and I don’t want folks thinking that I’m some sort of nut. Let me say simply that my wife (who is also my greatest skeptic) tells everyone of this wonderful change in my attitude. This alone is, as they say in the TV ad, *PRICELESS.*

Also, I went to my physician for a flu shot. The nurse took my blood pressure just as she always does. (I have been on BP medication for several years.)  She was amazed that my blood pressure was lower than it had been in years.

Now, because I was so ecstatic over the changes that I have not mentioned, I really wasn’t sure if  X20 was the reason for my feeling so great. And, because I was taking two-a-day, I ran out after 15 days. That’s when the reality of it all hit me. I slid right back into that same tired, dragged out feeling that I was experiencing before I started using X20. Not until I ran out of the product did I realize what a change it had made in me.

Again, thank you very much for introducing me to X20. Please feel free to share my story if you think it might help someone make the right decision. My wish is that everyone will feel as great as I feel.”
Thank you again,


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