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What Does X2O Do for Your Body?

Xooma X2O Overview – Dr Michael Triglia

How to Use X2O

X2O Soda Demonstration

Xooma X2O Ionic Minerals

Xooma X2O pH Test

X2O Removes Chlorine from Water

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  1. This is a great product and has lot of health advantages and especially I see lot of dental health benefits. I will share this with my patients and I would like to be updated with Xooma’s health products!!

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  5. Kurt says:

    I noticed several benefits in the first few days of taking this product, so much so that I shared them with my friends and family. I will continue to purchase this product..!!

  6. Wanicleide says:

    nice content! seems to be a nice product as well

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  10. ndemi says:

    wonderful knowledge..i even the author was joking about x20

  11. Numan Ahmad says:

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  12. Xooma says:

    Fevers and colds cause plenty of sores but stress, some forms of dental work and weather conditions can all be factors that
    cause an outbreak. But tests with humans won’t be forthcoming right away.

    The reason given in the news article why scientists terminated the
    2007 clinical trial was due to concerns arising out of the lack
    of positive response with respect to either cholesterol or C-reactive protein levels,
    both key prospective markers of the study.
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